Debrief and Recovery Package




The experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period can leave birthing people and their partners with many unanswered questions, and, for some, the need to have their feelings validated and understood. Better Births London have collaborated with the amazing Tutum Birthing to offer you the Debrief and Recovery Package.

During your first hour-long virtual consultation with both Katie and Leila you are encouraged to discuss what happened during your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care, together deconstructing the experience. As practicing midwives, Katie and Leila are able to decode the clinical events so that you are left with a renewed understanding of the experience, but perhaps most importantly, identify potential opportunities for impactful decision-making and advocacy. Debriefing in this way is the very first step to overcoming the negative associations that may be hugely impacting your everyday life and offers the potential to take your first steps towards recovery.

The 3 Step Rewind is a gentle and hugely effective process originating from neuro linguistic programming (NLP) It can help shift the heavy or unhelpful emotions and anxiety that could be attached to any negative memories related to your experiences of pregnancy or birth (or ANY past experience that has experienced as traumatic).

Tutum Birthing’s Claire is a trained Perinatal & Birth Trauma Recovery Specialist, and has helped many people to overcome shock and emotional anguish. Whether your experience or event was one year ago or six years ago, the changes to your emotional wellbeing will be incredible.

You can be anywhere in the world and receive the same gentle guided support from Claire online. If you are in North London you are invited into her home where you will be made comfortable.  The 3 sessions take place in a private, safe environment away from disturbances and last 60-minutes each.

Debrief and Recovery Package
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