C-Section Correction


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C-Section Correction recommend that women start using the kit as soon as they are signed off by their GP which is usually 6 weeks after the birth


Silicone treatment strips

Silicone is considered by plastic surgeons as the gold standard in scar rehabilitation. They should be worn during the day for a minimum of 4 months, but up to a year for best results, underneath the Care garment.


100% Virgin Coconut Oil

A premium grade natural Oil that will not irritate an immature scar but can be massaged in to the incision area before bedtime to disperse scar tissue from forming. Ensure that externally the incision has closed and healed properly.


Compression Suit

Sadly the ‘mummy pouch’ is something that a vast majority of us discover they develop after the delivery of a child via a C section. Essentially it is stubborn section of overhanging skin above the incision that is resistant to exercise and weight loss. However when our ‘Care’ suit is used daily (in conjunction with the other two steps from the kit), its creates compression across the area which can help prevent formation of this overhang in the first place. In addition to this, there is also a great feeling of security and support to the abdomen when wearing a ‘Care’ garment. As it also acts to strengthen core muscles that are weakened during pregnancy, which will aid in cases of Diastasis Recti (where a woman experiences abdominal separation).



C-Section Correction

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