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Pregnancy, labour, birth, and the early postnatal period are life changing moments in your journey to parenthood and should be experienced by everyone safely and positively. 

We encourage you to be an active participant in your care, understanding your choices and making decisions with health professionals – decisions that work for you and your family. We work with you throughout your pregnancy offering a source of continuity that supports your chosen maternity provider, which is invaluable in boosting your confidence, empowering you with knowledge, and protecting a safe space to explore all the options available to you.

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Natalie MilneNatalie Milne
18:02 03 Jun 24
My subscription with BB finishes today and honestly I wish it lasted for the rest of the year, the support the ladies offer is just unmatched and I can't thank you enough for all the support during my pregnancy and even more so in the last month as we navigate parenthood for the first time. The support has been invaluable and it's the one thing I will be doing immediately should we be fortunate to have any more children in the future - the service is worth it's weight in gold - to have peace of mind and non-judgemental advice no matter what choice i wanted to make is priceless and the amount of worry and angst the team quashed instantaneously saved me many tears and potentially sleepless nights. THANK YOU!!!!
Adam GrovesAdam Groves
19:23 14 May 24
My partner and I signed up to Better Births from the first week we found out we were pregnant. Katie and Leila were both on hand at every moment we needed their support and were invaluable throughout the pregnancy journey, especially during labour and post birth. Couldn’t recommend their service highly enough!
G LtG Lt
18:15 29 Apr 24
I used the Better Births package for the end of my pregnancy and early postnatal period for our firstborn child. The team are so reassuring, so knowledge and so lovely. All of my queries were answered promptly and in great detail. Whatever stage you are in your pregnancy, sign up now and enjoy asking all your questions! Thank you to Katie and Leila.
seyedeh mahya damigahseyedeh mahya damigah
07:19 23 Apr 24
Better Births helped me through some of the most difficult times of my pregnancy. I am very very grateful for the girls help and advice. They helped put my mind at rest , by talking me through everything and just explaining everything step-by-step. I am really grateful that my friend recommended Better Births to me, as they really help me throughout my high-rise pregnancy.
19:40 25 Mar 24
I signed up to Better Births towards the end of my pregnancy and it was the best decision I made! The reassurance and advice Katie and Leila have provided has been incredible. They have supported me through so many things during my pregnancy and also once my baby girl arrived. As a first time mum with loads of questions and worries I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them! I would highly recommend them to anyone pregnant you will not regret it. Leila and Katie you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough ❤️
Leena SanghaLeena Sangha
19:29 10 Mar 24
Best thing ever!Could not thank these lovely ladies enough!They are a god send!Always there when i was worried during my pregnancy any time of the day or night!
Upekha PatelUpekha Patel
11:37 07 Mar 24
Leila and Katie have been absolutely fantastic! Regardless of the time of day, they consistently provided highly informative responses to all my inquiries, no matter how trivial, regarding my pregnancy. Their guidance has been priceless, and I wholeheartedly endorse their service! Exceptional job, ladies! Thank you so much! x
13:23 17 Feb 24
I am not sure where to begin! The support of Katie & Leila has been second to none, a fantastic service. No question was ever too big or small for them. Literally having a midwife in your pocket! No matter what time of the day you message the response was always prompt and thorough which was incredibly helpful. There were times where I was not sure what I was doing and the group support provided was such a valuable service. The best part was that I never felt afraid asking questions, it felt like you are talking to your bestie! Thank you so much for all the support and help, this service is much needed esp. for first time mothers - really grateful and I do not think this review does justice to how much I really appreciate all the support given - MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU wishing you both all the success! xxx
Susie RodriguesSusie Rodrigues
22:06 11 Feb 24
There are no words to describe how invaluable the group package was during my pregnancy. They are literally midwives in your pocket, there to answer any question- no matter how big or small. They make you feel seen and heard. It’s great to get impartial advice and information from people that are so knowledgeable so that you can make informed decisions. I don’t know what I would have done without them, just knowing they were there whenever I needed them was just a massive relief in itself. 1000% recommend.
Sophie KhosravaniSophie Khosravani
22:32 30 Jan 24
First time mama and despite the journey being so exciting I also had absolutely no clue what I’m doing which made me feel quite nervous…. until Better Births!! I just feel so relaxed now knowing I have midwives available to me anytime of the day if I need to ask something that I’m worried about. The response times are are so quick that it’s just incredible and so professional.So grateful for your support and it’s honestly the best investment for any pregnant mummy to be.I’ve had the most positive experience with my pregnancy so far and I owe it to you girls ❤️Thank you so much!!
Krystell LopezKrystell Lopez
11:56 22 Jan 24
Wow wow wowee! What incredibly knowledgable, kind and empowering women. I started Betterbirth’s whatsapp package in my third trimester and for my next will definitely start sooner as I feel they would have reassured so many worries I had in pregnancy.These women were incredibly supportive and gave me the exact information I needed after my birth not going to plan and baby being a bit poorly in her first weeks.Both midwives were there to support me in my last trimester, support my birth partners through labour (I wasn’t very well but asking them to check in with the group chat when in doubt) and postpartum.They were angels sent through Instagram and I will eternally be grateful for how professional yet kind and lighthearted they were. Thank you ladies. Highly recommend their service!
Rahela AgheRahela Aghe
11:42 20 Jan 24
Leila and Katie gave me the best education into how I will birth my baby and all the possibilities that I was completely unaware of. I am grateful for all that I learnt, and recommend ALL mums to be make this investment to have a mentally healthy pregnancy. I am someone who had a huge fear of birthing, especially since having a traumatising first birth, mentally I was so much healthier than my previous two pregnancies. Less anxiety of birthing and a huge difference in Labour due to the education.Aside from educating me they genuinely cared in the unforeseen circumstances that I reached during covid. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for having them in my life, not only educating me but genuinely caring and going out of their way to be by my side during a covid birth when I couldn’t have anyone else! They explained everything that was happening to me/my body whilst being isolated in a room due to covid!Absolute angels 🤍.
Sophie HSophie H
12:00 18 Jan 24
Where do I even start with these literal angels on earth!!!! To this day I still say I couldn’t have got through my traumatic birth without them. Initially recommended to me by a friend I wondered is this something I need to do and if you are a nervous soon to be first time mum then the answer is yes. They came to my house and met my husband and I and talked through the entire process so I felt fully prepared for all eventualities. They are at the end of the phone at any minute of the day which means you don’t have to scare yourself going on Google you have them in your pocket giving you unbiased professional educated advice.If there is anything you spend your money on leading up to your birth it’s these ladies. Thank you girls!
Faye HarveyFaye Harvey
19:49 17 Jan 24
The most amazing midwives! Nothing is too much, anything I had questions about they took the time to explain everything in detail. Gave me the confidence to tell people exactly what I wanted/didn’t want in labour and pregnancy. They helped me have the birth I wanted because they explained all my options so I could choose what was right for me. Can’t recommend enough, wouldn’t have another pregnancy without them ❤️
Susan NazariSusan Nazari
18:49 17 Jan 24
I’m currently a first time mama to be and on the group chat package with the ladies at Better Births. I couldn’t recommend them enough, especially to first time mums like myself that have no clue what they’re doing! To be able to ask silly questions at whatever time of the day is absolutely invaluable to me as I learn the ropes of motherhood. The service is exceptional - fast responses, thorough information, and everything is communicated with care and compassion. These girls know their stuff and I’m so grateful they are here to guide me on my journey. THANK YOU!
Lauren ShawLauren Shaw
18:22 17 Jan 24
These girls are the best! No words to describe this genius service and what it does for you. More people need to know about them! You have on tap 24/7 midwife help, ask anything, send any tmi pictures if you need and no judgment, just help advice and sometimes a good laugh when you need it most! They are not your average midwives, they care, they are full of personality and knowledge and guide you in your own way, and I couldn’t have done it without them! I just wish I found them for my first pregnancy. The only downside is it ends a month after your baby is born- wish I had their advice forever! I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and recommend them to everyone! Nothing bad to say! BB is the best!
enka becajenka becaj
17:28 23 Dec 23
I was pregnant and so confused because I didn’t have responses from the hospital when I went to do my scans! However, after my birth, I was so depressed and finally they came into my life this Better Births antenatal classes! VERY Helpful and they answered all my questions about my baby I was impressed 😮 I RECOMMEND THEM FOR ALL THE PREGNANT WOMAN OUT THERE THEY ARE, LIFE SAVER, ❤️🙏 Leila & Katie GOD BLESS YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE CREATE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN OUT THERE
Dhwani ThakrarDhwani Thakrar
06:59 18 Dec 23
I’m a new mum and using the service daily for support. The girls are amazing at answering my questions and have provided the best information and advice to boost my overall confidence. Everything is backed with studies, data, NHS guidance which has really helped me and my husband to make the best informed decisions for our baby. Thanks Katie and Leila.
Leana CoopoosamyLeana Coopoosamy
07:52 12 Sep 23
Pregnancy after loss is a journey! I made a few rules for this pregnancy which included zero googling and to be honest I would recommend this to everyone.Signing up to the Gold package meant ANY question I was tempted to google, went straight to Leila and Katie. This gave me and my husband so much reassurance and they were super quick with their responses.The learnings sent through helped prepare me for my pregnancy and make informed decisions throughout which made such a difference in having a labour that was led by me.Thank you Leila & Katie ❤️
Vanda RobertsVanda Roberts
08:59 20 Aug 23
Hi, as a first-time mum, I'm a little clueless and panicked. Having both Laila and Katie on hand for advice has been amazing.I've felt like any questions I had were answered straight away day or night and with great advice. They're so lovely I would 100% recommend to anyone who's having a baby.I can't thank them enough for the re-assurance and support I got throughout my pregnancy. Will definitely join back again if I have another little one ❤️ thank you both again x
natasha nattnatasha natt
12:49 01 Aug 23
Best investment during pregnancy!During my first pregnancy, as with many first times moms I had no idea what to expect, I had a million and one questions and spent all my time on Google. I came across better births London on instagram and I signed up for the gold package.I was contacted within half and hour of signing up and both Katie and Lelia introduced themselves. Within seconds I just knew I would feel comfortable asking these ladies any question I had no matter how small or big. They were so warm and welcoming -you cannot fault the service here. It is beyond outstanding (probably the best I have ever received)The response time was amazing - even the little questions which were not urgent at all were responded to within the hour. Instead of spending hours googling my questions with conflicting responses, I had two qualified midwife’s giving their professional advice and knowledge which immediately reassured and educated myself and my husband.With the gold package you get sent information which help educate you around the process of labour. This without fail was so helpful as the information is always there on your phone- you can digest it in your own time and by the time Labour came around I just felt so knowledgable and empowered. I knew what the doctors were talking about and even if I didn’t I didn’t have to wait for the doctor or midwife to reappear - I could just ask Leila of Katie. They will also help prompt questions you may not even think of to ask the doctor or midwife- which in turn helps you make better more informed decisions.Don’t even hesitate if you are thinking of signing up. I have spent so much money during my pregnancy and without a doubt this was the best investment I made- without a doubt I would sign up again.I am so grateful for the months of support received by Better Births London and I honestly don’t know if I would have had such a positive birthing experience without them. 💚

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With over 26 years combined experience in both the NHS and private sectors, midwives Katie and Leila are committed to changing the way the world approaches pregnancy and childbirth – free of judgement, and full of knowledge. Their passion is leaving you feeling empowered, informed, and confident as active participants in your maternity care.

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